Flash From a Song: You Don’t Get me High Anymore by Phantogram

Having traveled the length of the astral plane, unable to reclaim what was lost, our hero and her guide approach the unfathomable. "What is it?" "The end." "The end of what?" Her guide shrugs as much as is possible for it's skeletal form. The two stand silently gazing into the abyss for a long time. … Continue reading Flash From a Song: You Don’t Get me High Anymore by Phantogram

Thoughts on Web 3 Culture

Web3 is a new cultural movement related to but in many ways separate from a set of newly emerging technologies. The culture is composed of a few different communities with different overlapping areas of thinking. The most active and apparent are those who are building products based on NFTs, while there are many other branches … Continue reading Thoughts on Web 3 Culture

Schemata Lux - Future Fiction for a Better Tomorrow Fiction is formative. There are many examples of ideas in science fiction preceding developments in science and technology. Many more examples of popular fiction influencing society and culture. These influences can be for better or worse. Fiction can provide a sandbox for examining concepts in new … Continue reading

Where I Am

I haven't been posting here as much as I would like lately but for good reason. Between work and family I only have a certain amount of writing time each day. I have been working on editing and revising my short stories as well as working on new ones. I'm currently looking at about 20 … Continue reading Where I Am